Do you know how hard it is to pay attention to the sub titles when this guy is in the scene??



Do you know how hard it is to pay attention to the sub titles when this guy is in the scene??





looking at this smile really made my day:)) *Fighting, Sir!!

one family keep looking for something that was left of their homes.

Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

One word to describe the remnants of Merapi. Sorrowful:( there is nothing left in that one village called Cangkringan, except those crushed walls and burnt trunks in every single area. But what makes me salute is most of the people do not blame it to anyone or anything. They sincerely accept it as a disaster that had to happen. Some people even say it as a test for them. I actually could understand they way they think since it’s a common thing for our culture here in Indonesia, to accept whole heartedly about something we couldn’t do anything about. As you can see above, there is a man who smiling easily even though his home was swept by the eruption of the Merapi Mountain - we called it wedus gembel.

One thing that I found out, that they are all becoming very happy in a snap everytime I directed my camera to them:D

I always pray for them to be given lots of strength to face this situation.

Long live Jogja!:D



One of Gamze’s design: umbrellas

Did you see pictures above? i wrote it “art” not because I am in the picture:D but because of the person who took it, Gamze! She’s my co-fellow here in the Philippines and such a talented Turkish girl, and really into everything about arts.

today I was helping her in representing her new upcoming project about products, like shirt, postcard, envelope with the blue theme and her own design on it! isn’t that cool?!:) can’t wait to see the launching of it!:P

you should check her blog HERE!

btw, this week gonna be my last week here in Cebu, hiks. Gonna fill it with quality time with my co-fellows before I leave:(



it’s been 3 months of my staying here in the Philippines! lots of things happened and most of them were the best experience I have had ever. New friends, new family, new language (yesss, I learn a lot especially a few words in a few languages! which is nice! and I know those will be reaaaaly useful:)

missing my family a lot, missing my friends so much, and missing my cities also. and the scariest thing is I missed so many subjects at university! dammit:(

will be back at the end of September and probably will start the “foto-foto” thingy that day on..

see you aroung everyone!


the Ever Hopeful children I’ve ever met here in the Philippines.

Here I am, now in Philippines! It has been more than a week from my first experienced abroad!:D Iwan, the other fellow from Indonesia, and I had our journey together from Jakarta to Cebu. It was amazing! Got purchased for excess baggage around US$ 200 (but end up with free:D), Spent whole night in the manila airport, always recognized as Filipino, and had no peso at all! But thanks God we had a safe flight and succeed arrived in Cebu. Let me tell you something, for me, the first 3 days was really hard. Not because of the heat and the humidity, but because of ME. As all of you know, Communication is the most important thing to know each other well, and since I’m not get used to use English everyday, it was really hard to tell something about your self just with body language. So can you imagine how hard it was?:p But it getting better by days, maybe all that I need is just time, and listen more. Don’t mention the fellows, all of them are superb! and always have a different point of view about anything. So it never bored having conversation with them so far.

by the way! today’s my papa’s birthday!HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA! again, MAHAL KITA!:D

See you around!;)


High fashion power couple Sasha Knezevic and Anja Rubik!*faint.xP

photos by Tommy Ton

and here are some of their past works together.

what a couple huh?!X)



HELLO everybody! It has been a great week!at least for me, hope you all feel the same. but since I through it with a holiday with family, it was felt like a really short week. ;) I know, the time flies fast when we get a good time huh?!

so here it is some snap shoots from my last holaday at Bali:D

I really have no passion to write something right now. sorry pals! maybe something is going wrong with my mood or all the circumstances I’m in is incredibly annoying. But wish you all having a better mood and the best day!


Dress: Body&Soul

Blazer: YSL (it was my mom’s)

leopard gloves: side street.

Actually they aren’t new photos. I took them at last semester break when went out for lunch with families at bandarDjakarta, Ancol. but I found it interesting, do you notice in one of those photos above, there’s a women captured when she was turning around her head to me?!:p I just realized it! the truth was, many people saw me that day like I was out of my mind for taking pictures in the parking lot and curbside, over and over!lol..Even, there was a car stopped across the street meanwhile the passengers watching me through their opened window! haha,quite challenging. but believe me, you won’t feel awkward nor shy anymore after the first couple of shots. everything will just flow:D hoho,


Blouse: gift from sis

Bow Skirt: Donita

Sandals: Nevada Glad

Web Rattan Bag: It was my mom’s